100 Reasons to Stay in Knoxville. Or, 11 really, really good ones.

Travis Gray’s good-natured goodbye to KnoxVegas in this week’s Metro Pulse story “100 Reasons to Leave Knoxville” got us thinking about all of the reasons why we stick around.

Is it the kudzu? Traffic on Kingston Pike? The views from House Mountain?

It’s hard to pick just one so here are a few close to our heart. What are a few of yours?

  1. Tomato Head redecorated.
  2. We still have 3/4 of the Urban Wilderness Trails to bike.
  3. We’re still waiting on the dome for Market Square.
  4. Man, Vestal, you know?
  5. We’ve got Hooters AND Twin Peaks.
  6. The only place where the interstate bypass comes right back downtown.
  7. All of the kudzu south of the river.
  8. Your boss has a nervous breakdown when it “snows.”
  9. Where else are so many children named Peyton?
  10. We’re not sure of the legalities with quarry swimming but we do know you can keep any roadkill you find.
  11. Gay Street has, like…Pioneer House.

If you missed Travis’ article, click the photo for his list of reasons for leaving. We wish him good luck and we’ll always save a place for him on The Couch.