A Biscuit Update

Mahasti asked for biscuit recipes and she has received! A huge thanks to everyone who has responded with hints, tips, helped to spread the word, or has provided one of those special family recipes. Your contributions are making her quest for the perfect biscuit all the more fun and, with fingers deep in dough, all the more successful.

Since the initial call for recipes, Mahasti has begun testing, with about three to four tests so far. Mahasti plans on baking biscuits every day this week to continue testing and she hopes to be able to send out a few tweets and messages about how things are going. It can, however, be tough to type and post with your fingers covered in flour.

We’ll send as many “thoughts from the kitchen” as we can. And until then, our ears are open for any additional ideas or recipes you have to share. Just send them our way at talktous@thetomatohead.com

Let those biscuits rise!