An Unconventional View of Fruit: Sharon Popek’s “Wings of Fancy”

This June, we are pleased to host Sharon Popek’s “Wings of Fancy” in our Market Square art gallery. Her collection utilizes her talents in photography and photo finishing to give a different perspective on the ground cherry.

While subtle hues stand out to the eye at first, the black and white backgrounds are detailed with textures and interesting shapes. Although the some effects of the photo are created in computer programs after the shot, Popek tries to do as much work within the initial shooting as she can.

For example, Popek says she uses a shallow depth of field to create the bokah effect that looks like blurred lights in the background. Popek also views the camera is an extension of herself, and it follows her around everywhere, including a fateful visit to Market Square for the farmer’s market.

The subject of ground cherries came to fruition when she spotted a booth in the Knoxville farmer’s market selling ground cherries. She had never heard of them before, and their unusual look added to a sense of mysticism that Popek saw in the cherries. To her, the cherries look enchanting, and have inspired her next series evolving from “Wings of Fancy”, called “Fairy Lanterns”, which will be approaching finished by the end of the year.

Popek has lived in Knoxville since graduating from the University of Kentucky, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio. She lives with her husband, five cats, and her dog. In her spare time, she puts her camera and computer to good use, doing photography and photo finishing. During the day, she shoots pet photography and produces photographs.

The exhibit will be in the Market Square location until the end of June, then it will move to the Kingston Pike location in July.