And the winner is…

We’d like to thank everyone for the great, and numerous, responses to the sandwich question we posted on Facebook and Twitter. When we tallied things up from Twitter and Facebook, the Kepner won the day, with close seconds by the Oh Boy and the Tuscan Chicken. And everyone sharing their own way of enjoying their favorite sandwich – on wheat or white or pita, with chips or fruit, switching out cheeses, etc. – was a nice reminder about how each person makes the Tomato Head their own.

After reading all the responses, we wanted to give a thank you to folks.  So we did a little random drawing of all the responses and pulled 10 names out of a Cubs hat. These randomly selected names, or rather the people behind the names, have just won one of their favorite sandwiches…for free! And the lucky winners of their favorite sandwich are…..

Leann Vineyard Cooper – Tuscan Chicken
Ashley Burkhart Johnson – Tomato Head
Jennifer Hodson – Lucy
Trevor Lofton – Kepner Melt
Kristin Carter – Vegan
Joshua Dotson – Roger Roger
Annie Roe – Kepner
Emily Mitchell – Kepner
Jill Reed Chaney – Veggie Burger
Abigail Jones – Oh Boy

We’ll contact you directly with a code you can use to redeem your sandwich.

Thanks again for your answers, and your patronage. Hope to see you soon.