December’s Featured Brewery: Blue Pants Brewery

This month Tomato Head taps will be flowing with craft beers made just about 4 hours south of us in Madison, Alabama from the Blue Pants Brewery. Madison is a fast growing and prosperous city in the Hunstville Metropolitan Area, and, from all indications, it’s a forward thinking, can-do kind of place; that attitude is clearly mirrored in Blue Pants’ tag line: “We like to make unreasonably good beer.” Actually, that’s more than a tag line, it’s a manifesto.

Blue Pants has established a good track record in the 5 years of their being with a wide assortment of tasty froth that’s covered all the major beer styles. Still, unsatisfied with leaving well enough alone, Blue Pants has shown a penchant for reviving old beer styles, getting jiggy with infusions, presenting playful variations on core brands, and daring the heights of high gravity brews.

There are so many interesting things available from Blue Pants that you can look forward to several surprises flowing from taps.  A number of those are TBA, but we’re very excited to offer their Sour Amber; and that’s being kegged just for us, so Tomato Head is the only place in the world for you to sample this brew.

But don’t be a tap snob because then you’d miss the chance to try Blue Pants Cantaloupe Alalambic!  It’s a 2 year old lambic that we’re offering in 750ml bottles, and it’s too delicious to miss.

So, put on your own blue pants and comes taste ours.  You’ll be happy to have both.

Blue Pants Brewery IPA
Blue Pants Brewery IPA



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