Hot Dog!

It’s hard to deny that hot dogs are fun food. Order a hot dog and you’re proclaiming to the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously. You gotta smile. What better day to have a little fun than Monday?

The Tomato Head has decided to make Mondays a little less, well, Monday-ish by offering a Hot Dog special every first day of the week. Our hot dog specials will feature an Applegate Farms organic, nitrite-free all-beef dog (and for the vegetarians, we’ll offer a tofu pup version, as well). These specials are truly special…only 16 at each location, so you’ll want to come early. And who doesn’t want to break early for lunch on Monday, right?

Some hot dog styles you can expect on Mondays: Classic Chicago Dogs, Rueben Dogs, Chili Cheese Pups, Breakfast Dogs, Heuvos Rancheros Dogs, and much more. Woof!

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