Japan Relief Effort Fundraising – Almost There

Many of our regular customers know that we’ve been using Mondays to raise money for Japan Relief Efforts. For over a month we’ve committed to donate 10% of Monday’s sales to our selected agencies (Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF). Since beginning the initiative, we’ve raised $2,217, which puts us incredibly close to our $3,000 goal.

The disasters in Japan, and the lives impacted by them, haven’t been top of the news lately. The traumatic event has already had its “turn” in the news cycle and attentions have largely moved to other issues. That’s the world we live in. But it doesn’t change our determination or desire to reach the goal we set, and we hope you’ll continue joining us on Mondays.

How can you help? Share the information with your friends on Facebook. Send a tweet about it. Talk it up at work. Bring your buddy or sister or team or sweetie to lunch on Monday and know you’ll not only be eating well but you’ll be doing good at the same time.

Thanks to all our amazing customers!