July 2010 Art at The Tomato Head

Along with tomatoes a-plenty, fireworks, and humidity, July brings new art for both Knoxville and Maryville restaurants. We hope you’ll come in and enjoy a meal as well as the new exhibits.

In Knoxville, as of July 3rd, Jarrod Justice presents his acrylic paintings. Justice lives in Knoxville with his wife Jennifer and two sons. Painting is a part time job for him and helps buy the groceries. With so many horribly grotesque images in the art world today, he aims to fill the canvas with joyful colors and freedom. His abstract interpretation of the urban landscape creates a dialogue with the viewer – about truth, faith, and reality. He uses the everyday door and window to symbolize perspective and choice. During the last ten years he has painted mainly for friends and family, but recently his colorful acrylic paintings have joined the local art scene.
You can look at images of his recent works at: jarrodjustice.com.

Maryville’s Tomato Head receives the work of Julie Bernal, with an exhibit titled “Nature in Color.” Bernal’s work was most recently shown at The Tomato Head’s Knoxville location.