Love In a Box

I love to bake. In fact, I probably enjoy the act and craft of baking more now than ever before. In addition to experimenting with bread that uses mash from Scott’s forays into brewing, I’m spending a lot of time baking up sweet stuff.

Chocolate has an amazing power of making things right, especially when it is fresh and in cookie format. And nothing delivers a chocolate punch like the Chocolate Thunder—a chocolate cookie packed with melting white, milk and bittersweet chocolate chips. Mmm. These cookies dispel the rainy/cold day blues and when shared, they have a way of saying “I really like you” without ever uttering a word.

The Chocolate Thunders seemed like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to offer in a cookie box–to give (or to give to yourself). Not too big, not too small, able to be enjoyed immediately as well as able to be shared.

We’re going to take reservations for these special Cookie Boxes (Love in a Box) up until the day before pick up. Deadline for Friday pick up is Thursday, deadline for Saturday pick up is Friday, deadline for Sunday pick up is Saturday. You get the idea.

Just call in a reservation to the restaurant where you plan on picking up. (865.637.4067-Knoxville, 865.981.1080-Maryville).


-ps-We make ‘em fresh so you can give ‘em fresh…so make sure to eat ‘em fresh!