Terrapin Brewing

The proliferation of food broadcasting has produced a variety of results in both the marketplace and our minds.  Some, like Guy Fieri’s restaurant food excesses, aren’t particularly thrilling; others, like a general upswing in flavor curiosity, are pretty exciting.  Of course, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s responsible for the pursuit of unusual or exotic flavors in everything from ice cream to whiskey, but whatever it is, we like it.  Well, perhaps not cappuccino flavored potato chips, but if that suits you, go for it.

Craft beer is one fine example of what makes us a little giddy about flavor expansion, and nobody does that quite like the folks at this month’s featured brewery: Terrapin Beer Co.

The very first of Terrapin’s beers, just about 14 years ago, was a Rye Pale Ale, and it was a home run.  It took a gold medal at Great American Beer Festival and gave Terrapin a moment in the sun that they’ve never let go.  Rye beer wasn’t a brand new idea; but keep in mind that 14 years ago, while lots of folks were making use of rye’s sometimes dry, spicy character in potent potables, particularly in whiskey mash bills, they weren’t making a big deal of it.

Despite the gold medal, John said, in an interview with The Brewer, not everybody loved the Terrapin style:  ““When we first started all we ever heard from people was: ‘this is too aggressive, I can only drink one of these beers.  It’s amazing how much people’s tastes have changed in the past 14 years.”

As with the beginning of many a craft beer company, Terrapin was a product of home brewers gone wild.  Founders John Cochran and Brian “Spike” Buckowski met and began putting their dreams on paper while working in an Atlanta brewery.  Their efforts have not only had an impressive impact on beer drinkers’ palates, their initial efforts helped change legislation to allow Georgia breweries to serve a total of 32 ounces of samples instead of a paltry one ounce limit.  Obviously, John and Spike are our kind of people; Good beer, tenacious spirit, and neighbors, too – what’s not to like?

At both locations this month we’ll feature a rotating selection of Terrapin’s brew on tap, including mainstays and special releases, and, perhaps, a special release in cans.  Some of these will be limited in quantity – so visit often or, you can keep up with our current selection on http://beermenus.com.

The terrapin itself doesn’t move fast – but its namesake beers sure do.  Hope to see you soon!  Cheers.