To Our Customers

With the real threat of COVID-19 to our loved ones and its increased impact on all of our lives, we believe connection and communication are essential. The wellbeing of our customers, staff, and community is always of utmost importance to us. As a restaurant we have a strong practice of sanitation embedded in our daily work routines. This month we have stepped up our efforts to regularly sanitize more parts of our restaurants, including high-touch surfaces in both public spaces and in our kitchens. 

Our regular practices:

  • Train all new staff on proper sanitary procedures
  • Require staff to wash hands regularly
  • Use gloves for all food contact in both kitchen and prep areas
  • Wash and sanitize all dishes with a high-temperature dishwasher and/or sanitizer solution
  • Clean all surfaces between each use with sanitizer solution
  • Equip bathroom doors with hands free openers
  • Require staff with symptoms of any illness to remain at home

In addition, we will be:

  • Doing all of the above with a heightened attention to detail for the safety of both our customers and staff
  • Sanitizing door handles, to-go counters, condiment containers, and other high touch-areas more frequently
  • Requiring staff to wash hands more frequently

We will stay open to serve you in our restaurants for both dine-in and take-out orders, and our staff will continue to be equipped with the proper training, tools, and supplies to keep our communities safe. 

We appreciate your business and continued support.