Tomato Head’s Pambazos

This recipe for Pambazos makes me long for the days of Mahasti and Scott’s restaurant Lula. Years ahead of its time, their take on contemporary Mexican and southwestern cuisine was always fresh and interesting. This recipe would have definitely found a place on Lula’s menu. So the next time you’re thinking Mexican for supper, consider this instead of the ol’ El Paso.

To assemble the pambazos:

Rolls (Your favorite from Flour Head Bakery)

1 jar enchilada sauce, of your choice

Some cooked chicken breast, or tofu

Monterey jack cheese slices


Salsa, of your choice

Sliced onion


Banana peppers or Jalapeno peppers


Cut rolls in half, and with a small spoon scoop out the insides of the rolls, leaving a ½ inch thick shell.

Pour the enchilada sauce onto a plate and place the rolls, one at a time in the sauce, cut side down, making sure the entire surface of the rolls are covered with sauce.

Fill the bottom of the roll with chicken, top with avocado slices and cheese.   Repeat with remaining rolls.

Heat about 2 tablespoons of oil in a large skillet, over medium heat.  Place as many sandwiches as will fit, without crowding, in the skillet, and cook pressing on the sandwiches constantly, flipping , until browned on both sides.  Transfer sandwiches to a cutting board, open sandwiches and top with banana peppers, salsa, sliced onion, and crema.  Repeat until all the sandwiches are cooked and assembled.

Serve warm.

Lula interior